Thompson J Stimpel

"Architect of Possibilities"

Thom Stimpel is the Founder & Managing Director of Proactive Business Improvements, llc - a global business advisory group formed in 2002.   As a transformational leader with more than 35 years of multi-product, multi-market, multi-national experience,  Thom is  recognized for his unique ability to convert "strategic concepts" into "operational realities".  

Acknowledged for his decisive management style and ability to create high-performance self-directed teams, his articulate and conversant approach influences excellent communications throughout an organization.  

Over the past decade Thom has focused more attention on helping SME's understand how the  global economy impacts their operations.  His expertise helps them build, manage and improve Quality Management Systems, per the ISO 9001:2015 requirements. Thom is also a Certified Lead Auditor, as acknowledged by Exemplar Global, a leading ISO Registrar and training organization.

His further accomplishments include being named an

"Honored Professional" in two editions of 

"Who's Who among Executives, Professionals & Entrepreneurs"   ( 1998-1999 & 2008-2009 )


[email protected]                  904.687.0027